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The fast, convenient, effective system for securing cold or warm packs to sports injuries

Benefits of PhysioWrap Sport

Helps treat sports injuries – fast
PhysioWrap SPORT is an all-in-one system for attaching ice packs, gel packs and other forms of cold or warm therapy to soft-tissue injuries. It offers the sports physiotherapist or first-aider many distinct advantages:

No need for pins or other fasteners 
The high -performance film simply sticks to itself (but not to the patient’s skin).

Easy to apply 
With the lightweight re-usable dispenser.

Simultaneous application of cold and compression 
The film’s built-in elasticity holds the treatment pack firmly to the injured area.

No need for separate protection from freeze burns 
Simply wind PhysioWrap SPORT loosely round the injury before applying the ice or gel pack.

No scissors required 
The film can be neatly torn by hand.

Injury visibility during treatment 
The translucent film allows you to observe the area round the injury for bruising or other symptoms.

Does not stick to skin or hair 
Having no adhesive PhysioWrap SPORT™ is quick and painless to remove.

Immediate application on or off the playing area 
No preparation, or even unwrapping, required.

Value for money 
One 100-metre roll gives around 50 applications.

Portable and easy to store
The compact, lightweight unit slips easily into a corner of the first-aid bag.

Usable for patients allergic to latex.

Contributing to effective R.I.C.E. treatment
RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is an internationally recognised procedure for the first-aid treatment of soft-tissue injuries. PhysioWrap SPORT's unique characteristics allow it to secure Ice (or a gel-based cold pack) to the injury while also applying Compression to the affected area, helping to speed up recovery.

Manufactured to international standards
PhysioWrap SPORT is CE-marked as a Class 1 medical device in conformity with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC and meets the requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Act in Australia.